Social Care


Regard is keen to encourage better practice in social care. Social care providers often do not recognise that disabled people may be LGBTQ and that LGBTQ disabled people may have specific needs. The inadequate provision of social care compromises not only a person’s independence at home but also their opportunities to go out to work or to meet friends and generally participate in the community.

We don’t know for sure what proportion of social care users are LGBTQ. However we think that LGBTQ people are probably over-represented in the population of social care users for three reasons:

a) the adverse effects of homophobia on people’s physical and mental health;
b) the long-term impact of HIV;
c) the greater likelihood of estrangement from family support networks.

Regard is currently working with Bristol University, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and Stonewall on a research project into the management of social care by LGBTQ People.