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Welcome to the Home Page of Regard 

National organisation of Disabled LGBTQ People

Fighting for inclusion and equal rights

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Regard  is a national organisation of lesbians, gay men, bisexual, transgender and queer people (LGBTQ) who self-identify as disabled. We follow the Social Model of Disability. This is a way of thinking about disability that says it is society that needs to change by removing the barriers that deny us inclusion and equal rights. As with 90% of LGBTQ voluntary organisations, Regard is run by its members for its members and has no paid staff. 

Regard has the following aims:  

We welcome membership applications from all LGBTQ people who self-define as disabled, as well as from our friends and supporters. Membership is free.

Latest News:

Our website is currently being redeveloped - please direct any comments about the website to:

We are still seeking members to fill posts on the Executive Committee 

Email for further details.

Last updated: May  2016


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